Eminent Packaging System, W.L.L is a manufacturing Company primarily using Plastics as its raw material. It adopts Injection molding and Extrusion as its operational techniques. The factory has its infrastructure planned in such a way to meet it's the short term and long terms objectives. The company has the most qualified and experienced staff who can meet its objectives efficiently and regards them as the most important asset. It has acquired the latest technology and determined to update the advancements being made in the field.

As most of our products are being supplied to Food and Dairy industry, special care is taken to ensure the stringent Hygiene standards are maintained in the Plant. The company believes is Total Quality Management and ensures that quality standards are followed at every step of our business activity.

We treat our suppliers as our business partners and maintain a strong and transparent relationship with them, there by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of raw materials, especially within the region. Our machine suppliers are one of the world class reputed machine manufacturers with a strong network of service which ensures prompt service whenever required.
To make Eminent Packaging Systems W.L.L (Empack) as one of the leading player in the Plastic Industry where creative ideas are made and transformed into useful products for the business and society.
To use all our available resources efficiently to make our business economically viable and share our achievements with our customers, suppliers and our employees.
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